Whether a film is liked by the critics or not, one thing that makes a differance is the box office collection which decides the fate of the movie. This year we have seen a lot of good movie failing miserably at the boxoffice where as some of the movies which are not considered as the best of the lot went on to become blockbusters. So what will be the fate of the next most expected movie of November "Rockstar" at the box office? 

As the Rockstar team were in Dubai for the promotional event of the movie, our reporter Aamir Raza decided to ask the question to the team. The question was immedietly taken up by the director of the movie Imtiaz Ali and said that all they wish is for the movie to do well at the boxoffice adding that he keeps forgetting the calculation made on the Box Office figures. Imtiaz then passed on the question for Ranbir Kapoor to answer. 

Ranbir in his usual witty style went on to reveal that the team has set certain milestones with the producers on the boxoffice collection and covering each milestone will result in a perk for the cast. "We have decided that if the movie collects 15 crore in the first 3 days then we will go to "Olive" in Mumbai, If it collects 20 Crore then we will go to Goa, if the collection reaches 25 Crore then we will go to Macau, if it reaches 30 Crore in the first 3 days then the producer will take us to Dubai, and if it opens to 35 Crore he would take us to Spain, and if it opens to 40 Crores he will take us to Rio and if it goes to 45 crores we all will retire." says Ranbir.

He also added that they are considering Goa which is in the 20 Crore bracket. When enquired why not Dubai the reply was its too high a milestone to reach. On the production cost Imtaiz Ali said "it is very multi textured and you dont know how much you have spend until all accounts are closed" leaving us with no clue on the total spend of the movie.

By Shahabaz (Write to shahabaz@movierecycle.com)