Taapsee is busy in three language films including Bollywood but the actress is keen on working with the Tamil Superstar Suriya.  In an earlier interview to CT, Taapsee said she'd readily say yes if she was approached with an offer to do a film with Suriya as she had lost out on an opportunity earlier, because she was busy with her projects across Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Taapsee says still harbours that wish. With regards to her next project in Tamil, the actress, who is currently filming her debut Bollywood film, says, "I will be free post March, and I'm reading a few scripts. I have the option of doing films in three languages. I'm eager to do a Tamil film as well," she answers.

Meanwhile there was a rumor that Venkat Prabhu is doing a film with Suriya and Taapsee but the actress clarifies that she is not aware of any such movie. "I've no idea who spreads these rumours. I've been flooded with calls and messages, asking if this is true. I was quite curious and rang up Venkat. But he was equally lost. In fact, Venkat was quite amused that without his knowledge, people had paired Ravi and me. He jokingly said he'd love it if someone gave him a script as well!"